domingo, 1 de julio de 2012

Between her legs

Mia is on her back and looks at that Stasia Mia grabs her breasts and began sucking her right nipple. Stasia slips her hand between her legs and starts fucking her finger Mia, Mia is also the same with Stasia. Stasia Mia runs, so that her pussy is just a long tongue away from the face of Mia. The room except the moans and slurping noises made by the two women as they eat, enjoy each other in silence. After a few minutes, Tom Mia movements of the knee before her, so she can suck his dick. Tom Mia blows that Stasia's face buried between her legs Mia. Stasia Tom grabs the bottom, but it suggests Mia touched her hand before. Tom is just get a blow job, it's not what he really wants, but it's better than nothing. All this goes moaning like slurping for some time before Mia starts to shake and moan louder and louder, then suddenly Mia yells "fuck" and stop shaking. Stasia rises and begins to dress. She goes to Tom kneels, his tail is no longer in the mouth of Mia and he begins to lose his erection. Stasia reached down and touched his tail, which immediately reacts to the touch. Tom will be back as strong as the blows Stasia his cock, she continues to stroke until he ejaculates. He tried to avoid shooting his cum on Mia, but a little earth on the left chest; Stasia looks and licks it off. After a few minutes more, Mia has recovered enough to stand up and put her clothes on. The two women leave home without something to say to Tom Tom. When the door closes behind them they heard Tom laugh as they walk away. Cumlouder Mania

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